Permalac’s effectiveness as a direct to metal clear is well established. Recently we have been getting more interest from our customers who want Permalac’s adhesion and corrosion resistance with color. I wanted to see how effective Permalac could be when carrying color and would it cover color. These aluminum snack bowls where one of the tests I came up with. Originally they had  a mirror finish, but some goofball (me) put them in the dishwasher. That wrecked them, but since they were already ruined I could do with them as I pleased. I decided to go for this enamel look. I sprayed on a layer of the base color, led it set up for a few minutes, and then airbrushed on the secondary colors. Then three coats of Satin/Gloss Permalac and it was finished. 

Currently we are still testing the colors you see here. When they’re ready, we’ll post it here.