Request a Sample: Permalac

You may use this form to request samples of either Permalac product or metal slab swatches. Permalac product samples are available in 4 oz or pint sizes (limit 5). 4 oz Permalac samples are $5 and pint samples are $20 (per piece) plus shipping. If you are looking for a larger sample size, you may request either a spray can or quart. These will be discounted 50% for sample purposes only (documentation must be provided to verify the sample request) and shipping costs will apply in addition. Sample swatches on metal slabs (3×5 in.) are $1.00 per piece plus shipping on all swatches.

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  • If you have a shipping account with UPS or Fedex, please provide it in this field. We will bill your sample shipping directly to that account. If you do not have a shipping account and would like us to ship it the best way, you will be responsible for paying the shipping via credit card. Once we receive this sample request, we will follow-up shortly to obtain the payment information to proceed with the order.
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