Direct-to-Metal Protection that Allows the Beauty of the Metal to Shine Through!

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Don’t Forget About Permalac Thinners

See What Our Users Have to Say

“Permalac does a great job of sealing any number of components under the hood. It is especially effective in filling in and smoothing over the micro-pores that are always found on the surface of aluminum and other metals. After coating a newly finished alternator with Permalac, for example, the clean polished look will last for months, even years.”

Great Job of sealing

“When I heard about Permalac I decided to try it. It lasts a lot longer than any other coating I’ve tried. Here in Nebraska, it can blow pretty hard, but I haven’t seen any evidence of coating failure.”

Last longer than any other coating

“The product was infallible. Permalac not only acts as a fungicide that resists mold, it positively repels it. Mold simply can’t and won’t grow on it.”

The product was infallible

“Aside from protecting the carefully finished metal surface, Permalac has the advantage of being invisible. Unlike other lacquers it doesn’t give architectural coatings a plastic coated appearance and sheen.”

Doesn’t give architectural coatings a plastic appearance

“Permalac is extremely easy to use, cures in about 2 hours, and can be sprayed vertically or horizontally without drip formation. Permalac just melts into itself, but even if a texture did develop, we just spray a little more Permalac and we obtain that smooth-as-glass finish our customers require.”

Extremely easy to use


Unlike other protective clear coatings Permalac can be applied to many surfaces directly without the use of a primer. That is why it’s called a direct to Metal (DTM) coating. You can apply Permalac to most metal surfaces whether the surfaces are bare or painted on.

Permalac meets LEED V4 requirements.

Permalac protective clear coatings can be sprayed or brushed on. It air dries to the touch in less than 5 minutes and dries hard to a virtually indestructible finish in less than an hour. When retreatment is indicated, Permalac can be easily and completely removed by wiping the surface down with acetone.

Once Permalac protection has been applied, you can count on many years of service before re-coating is required.

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