I have received many e-mails asking about the applicability of Permalac to outdoor Bronze structures. Hopefully the following case study will be found useful.


Smysor Fountain, forged and fabricated bronze, 10′ x 6′ x 6′, 1999. Commissioned by the Elizabeth A. Smysor Trust for the Smysor Plaza, Murphysboro, IL.

John Medwedeff is a sculptor doing major commissions for schools, universities and commercial institutions. His work is getting recognition from the media and a variety of well-known art critics. The work is soaring and graceful. A recent installation was 27 feet tall and weighed over 6000 pounds. Typically he works in fabricated bronze. In some cases it can be shaped cold with presses and rollers, but more often requires heating to 1600oF. “You don’t want to heat it higher than that or it starts to crumble,” says John. In fact, it melts at 1900oF.”

John uses Permalac from Peacock labs to protect the delicate patinas and special surface treatments with which he finishes his work. John says Permalac goes on a little thicker than other products he used previously. He added, “So far it seems to provide better protection against UV and other environmental challenges.” John buys Permalac in both spray cans and in gallon containers.

John trained for his work at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and has both a BA and an MFA from the university. He credits his success with his coming to an understanding of sculpture as a blacksmith instead as a fine artist. See John’s work at http://www.johnmedwedeff.com/