A beautiful garden appeals to all of our senses. There are colors and immense diversity of botanical species, fragrance, and sounds from birds and insects attracted to the plants and variety of textures. There is also a sense of calm and tranquility, even fun and whimsy.

Especially fun and whimsy. And frogs.

Artist J.A. Cobb doesn’t believe that frogs only belong in trees and fairy tales. He is the creative genius behind Ribbit the Exhibit creations, metal masterpieces that will capture your attention and your heart. His vision and passion led him to the creation of Ribbit the Exhibit, a traveling art installation compromised of whimsical copper art sculptures. The exhibit is featured at botanical centers and public gardens.

Known for his large-scale, magical copper art, J.A. Cobb creates fanciful frogs and custom designs for clients worldwide. While he is particularly renowned for his large-scale frog sculptures, he also produces exquisite copper sculptures of birds, fishes, and other eclectic animals. He instills a bit of fairy tale magic into every piece with an uncommon level of skill and artistry. Each large piece is crafted with care and dedication and the goal of manipulating metal into something more. When you commission Cobb, you hire an artist who will work with you to produce a unique result.


The whimsical cast of lovable handcrafted frog sculptures range from four to six feet in height and are colored with natural patina. Each piece of the installation is welded by hand and mounted securely to solid stone treads or other stable platforms, providing safety and stability in most outdoor conditions. Cobb has also learned to coax vibrant colors from the copper utilizing heat from his torch, similar to a paintbrush. These beautiful pieces are then sealed inside their homes for decades to come. For over ten years Mr. Cobb has used Permalac Original Satin to protect the metal and color. All of Mr. Cobb’s sculptures are built to last and require little to no future maintenance.

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