Peacock has recently developed a new higher sheen version of Black Permalac. This can be used for all the same substrates as Permalac. The Black Satin Permalac is an attractive, durable, interior/exterior coating for metal, wood, and masonry. In our testing we’ve found that the Black Satin Permalac is particularly attractive as a coating for wood. Like Permalac, Black Satin Permalac has a warm satin finish with incredible depth that brings out the full beauty of the wood. It combines the coverage of and protection of paint with warmth and depth of an oil finish. It can be recoated in 10-15 minutes, so your project will be done in no time. It’s easy to apply, easy clean up, and easy to remove. There’s no product you’ll find on the shelves at Home Depot or any other box store that will replicate either the look or the performance of Satin Black Permalac. If you can’t find a distributor near you, it can be purchased direct from peacock labs.
Black Satin Permalac is equally effective whether applied directly to the wood, or over a primer. Going direct over the wood requires more coats, but allows the natural wood grain to come through. Going over a primer gives a smooth, modern look. If you decide to go without a primer, first sand the wood with 220 grit paper and then use a tack cloth to remove any dust. Reduce the Black Satin Permalac 20% with #281 thinner and spray onto the wood. Apply three to four coats at ten minute intervals. Allow the piece to sit for one hour. At this point a light sanding with 600 grit paper is recommended, this sanding will take away any dirt that may have landed in the work, as well as smooth out any pebbling from over spray that may have occurred. Wipe down the piece with a tack cloth and spray one more coat. Allow one hour drying time before handling. If applying over primer, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations concerning application and cure time. Two coats of primer are recommended. Sand the primer smooth, any texture on the profile will come through to the final finish, also try to avoid sanding through the primer as this will also show in the finished product. Spray two coats of Satin Black Permalac at ten minute intervals and allow one hour before handling, full cure takes one day.