As nearly every Permalac user knows how valuable a product it is at shielding metals from pollution, smog, sunlight, winds, and all that Mother Nature can throw at it. Safe to say, it works on everything it is meant to protect. One look at the blog to see we’ve shared many, many stories of the successful uses of Permalac on monuments, ornate doors, automobiles, chandeliers, even the outsides of buildings. We’ve even showcased one artisan’s hand-made earrings using our product as a protectant. And let’s not overlook a Veteran Marine’s bullet. There isn’t a metal consumer item that Permalac won’t protect when used properly.

We’re more than happy to respond to questions from our customers and interested parties in hopes of getting the answer they so much desire. Here’s an inquiry received most recently from a customer named Doug.

“I make jewelry and need to know if your product would be safe against the skin for prolonged amounts of time if it were to be used to seal a copper ring for instance. Thank you for your help, Doug.”

Well, Doug, great question. Permalac NT happens to comply with the FDA labs’ food-contact regulations. As an addition, we have many artisans of metal sculpture, figurines, AND jewelry that use Permalac NT regularly.

One thing we would like to share with all of our customers that we mentioned to Doug is this. Permalac will provide the needed protection on jewelry, but the cost involved for an occasional use would not make sufficient sense (at least to us). A quart of Permalac NT will cover a lot of jewelry, a whole lot of jewelry. More than likely the product will degrade and ultimately thicken when opened and used repeatedly, as it would take a mountain of jewelry to consume a quart of our product. We don’t feel comfortable recommending the purchasing of a quart of Permalac NT for use on occasional pieces of ornamenture.

Another customer of ours who also happens to be in the hand-made jewelry took the time to write:

“I am writing to tell you that I LOVE the Permalac NT. I had to buy NT because I couldn’t get the original formula in Cali anymore. I use your product to seal my recycled metal art jewelry! I would have to be very careful with the original formula and wear a respirator when using. It was also so strong that it would actually remove some of my metallic colors. This new NT is amazing! Very low odor! Seals beautifully and enhances my creations to the next step of beauty.” Thank you, Laurie T.

Hey, thanks Laurie! We’re elated that you are loving the power of Permalac NT.

Human touch metals that are not silver or gold will sometimes create a chemical reaction with the body once in contact for an amount of time. Obviously, not every human being has higher levels of alkaline and other natural chemicals in their composition, but some are sensitive to metals of certain varieties. Remember your childhood when the dime store ring made your finger turn green?

Permalac NT resolves that issue, however, as stated above might be cost prohibitive. Please don’t think we’re trying to turn away business. We’re looking out for the best interests of our loyal customers, that’s all.

Good news, however. As a result of Doug’s query our in-house lab personnel are seeking a way to make Permalac NT more readily available for very small amounts to be purchased by craftspeople, artisans and jewelers. It might take a while, but rest assured, we’re on the job. As the great Sherlock Holmes would comment, “the game’s afoot.”

Folks, keep those cards and letters coming. It’s great for the team to know they are making an impact in the lives of our customers.