There are a few things that can cause you to see white spots when spraying Permalac. 1) If you are spraying Permalac using an aerosol can, sometimes the matting agent in the formula will not disperse well enough if not shaken properly. Shake the can for a good 1-2 minutes prior to applying the Permalac to fix this issue. If this doesn’t fix it, be sure to check the batch number on the bottom of the can to make sure it hasn’t expired. Also be sure to inspect the can for signs of damage which could also cause this issue. 2) If you are spraying Permalac using a spray gun, make sure to check that you have stirred the Permalac well and that the solution hasn’t dried up due to having been unused for some time. If this is the case, add some lacquer thinner, acetone, or xylene solvent to reconstitute your formula and dissolve the excess flattening powder back into the solution.