Hazing (a milky white appearance), spider webbing (strings spraying out of the spray gun), solvent pop (craters in the cured finish), and blushing (cloudiness trapped within the cured finish) are more commonly observed when spraying Permalac in a very hot or humid environment. You can combat this by first adding around 20-50% of a standard lacquer thinner, such as our #281 or #69, to your Permalac. If this doesn’t fix the issue, add an additional 5% of a retarding thinner, such as our #500, to the mix. This will slow down the cure rate of the solution and cause the Permalac to stay “wet”a bit longer. It can take up to an hour to cure, but this should resolve the issue(s) you are seeing. If this still doesn’t fix the problem for you, contact us for further troubleshooting assistance.