Permalac Technical Data Sheets

There are many different technical and informational sheets available. There are organized by product or application, below.

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Application Sheets

Permalac Original

Permalac 2K

Permalac EF


VOC Values


Performance | Data Testing

Thinners & Reducers

Permalac NT


Limited Warranty

“The product was infallible. Permalac not only acts as a fungicide that resists mold, it positively repels it. Mold simply can’t and won’t grow on it.”

Aside from protecting the carefully finished metal surface, Permalac has the advantage of being invisible. Unlike other lacquers it doesn’t give architectural coatings a plastic coated appearance and sheen.

“Permalac is extremely easy to use, cures in about 2 hours, and can be sprayed vertically or horizontally without drip formation. Permalac just melts into itself, but even if a texture did develop, we just spray a little more Permalac and we obtain that smooth-as-glass finish our customers require.”