Project Description

May 2020

Michael from Des Peres, MO was the Permalac contest winning submission for May 2020. His project was both visually attractive and practical.

“I restored 6 reading lamps from a 30 yr old sailboat. I first cleaned them with multiple coats of Catsup. I then shined them with Neverdull. They were then wiped down with acetone. Finally they received two coats of Permalac.

The lamps are from my 1987 Nordic 44 sailboat. They are called cabin lamps.  The lamps have been reinstalled in the boat.

I google searched for a marine brass lacquer as I recall. I may have seen a reference to it on cruisers forum, a popular blog site for sailors. I then looked at a study, the title escapes me, that found Permalac to be highly effective. I actually went on to use it on ceiling lights from my boat. They were done last winter. See pics below. I would highly recommend it. ”

BTW I only applied two coats. Do you recommend more?

RESPONSE: In order for Permalac to perform at its best, you need to apply a minimum of 3 coats to any given substrate. Additionally, for outdoor exposure, we recommend a minimum of 4 coats. With the way it layers, 3-4 coats at minimum allows it to perform as a nonpenetrative barrier. I suggest you strip down the brass and polish it, then reapply 4 coats of Permalac.