Project Description

April 2020

We hope that Teresa from Tiverton, RI is making the most of her quarantine time. Prior to all of us channeling our inner Marie Kondo, and going all KonMari, Teresa was crafting incredible wall art, including this piece.

As she describes it:

“Permalac is used to lock in patina colors. This copper piece is formed from sheet, bent various times on a brake and then patinated and sealed with Permalac. Products I have used in the past yielded unpredictable results with bleeding through after a few years. This is the first product I have found that does the job best.”

Inspired by the morning sun and new beginnings; this is one of the artists personal favorites. A speckled patina varies in color from a fossil like brown to spots of dark blue to turquoise.

There are also many subtle inward bends that echo the rays of copper. The subtle bends add another design element, increase the stability, and allow the light to play on the surface of this piece.

This piece measures 22″x16″x3/4″ and can be purchased here.