Project Description

Jan 2019

Betsy, a fine artist who resides in Tennessee, sent us a most unusual painting that has proven to be quite endearing to us at Peacock Labs.

As Betsy tells the story:

“I’m a fine artist and I paint on reacted copper panels instead of canvas. It’s incredibly hard to preserve my paintings long-term without changing the beautiful patinas and pigment. When I finally found Permalac it solved so many of my problems! I can apply it to my paintings without darkening or discoloring them, while protecting the delicate colors and patterns from humidity and other issues.

When I realized Permalac is made by Peacock Labs I thought it would be perfect to send you this painting of a peacock feather which I painted and lacquered with Permalac EF matte.

Thanks for making a great product!”

No, thank you Betsy for sharing your incredible talent with us and our readers. And our panel of judges selected your work to be this month’s contest winner; the gift card is being mailed to you now, and we hope you’ll submit another example of your work again in the future.