Project Description

August 2019

We recently discovered some incredible metalwork sphere sculptures, orbs clad in layers of silver solder and copper, as if “their delicate bodies are growing the armor they need to protect themselves from our changing environment.” This is the world of Sawyer Rose Art.

Sawyer Rose is a sculpture, installation, and social practice artist. Born and raised in North Carolina and a graduate of Williams College in Massachusetts, she currently lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As she explains, her technique uses the texture of the metal as a primary mark-making medium, the liquefied silver morphs into bark or feathers, or scales.

“I begin by covering the sculpture armature with thick copper foil. Next, I lay down the first layer of texture in silver solder– like painting with molten metal. I add dimension to the work by placing beads of solder to create depth and contrast. The pieces are covered with a rich black patina, and burnished with steel wool to bring out shining highlights on the raised peaks, while leaving dark in the valleys.”

“Even my outdoor sculptures maintain their intended patina after years of facing the elements.”

“I use Permalac as the final step in my process. It stops the silver solder from tarnishing, the copper from acquiring a verdigris patina (which is lovely, but not what I’m going for) and sets the black patina so that it doesn’t darken any further.”

We are thrilled to announce Sawyer is our contest winner for May. You can learn more about Sawyer and see more of her incredible art on her website