Project Description

March 2019

Joseph and his wife reside in North Carolina and enjoy planting, landscaping and other outdoor projects, the by-product of living in a rural home there. The two of them have wanted a large sized birdhouse for some time, and discovered one at a tag sale. To their dismay they quickly found why it was so inexpensive as compared to purchasing a new one. As Joseph explains it:

“Its roof construction would not withstand our extreme weather conditions in this area. It had wood slats and was quickly forming gaps to let water infiltrate. In no time, it would soon rot the entire construction. I thought the roof itself would make a good base if I could only get some copper sheeting wrapped around it. I made a template out of construction paper and then bought a single 2′ x 3′ copper sheet of suitable gauge. I then cut the copper out from the template and riveted to the base underneath. At the same time I used an old flag post topper to attach to the top as a way to aesthetically complete the roof seal. For the stand itself, I used a PVC toilet flange and 1 ½” PVC pipe.

I wanted to keep the copper like new, so I knew Permalac was the ticket. So far it still looks like the same day I sprayed it after 2 years. Thanks for making such a great product and reducing much of my rework efforts around the house. No other clear coating would even come close to preserving these types of projects.

Happily the project was a success. This family of beautiful blue birds soon occupied the house almost immediately.”

“I am a great fan of the Permalac products and have used them for several years. More specifically, I have used the Permalac Original Clearcoat Spray to preserve my outdoor home décor whether it is wood, metal or stone. In all cases it has exceeded my expectations.”

What a clever and innovative way to beautify a garden, and to build a home for their winged friends. Congratulations to Joseph and his wife, as our panel of judges selected his entry as the winner for March.