From Our Community: Outdoor Art – A Permalac Case Study

We love to hear from the many users of our products! Some share their passion with restoration projects, others tell us about how they are using Permalac to protect the investment being made in large, commercial projects. The stories we receive are varied and always interesting.

The powerful bronze sculptures created by Kansas sculptor Jim Bass are representations of his concepts, design ideas, and skill. Moreover, because they are created in the present, they represent life and culture at this time in history, the same way the marble sculpture of the ancient Greeks represented their era. Clearly, it is important that they are protected in order to last for years to come.

However, when Bass’s welded bronze pieces are continuously exposed to the blazing summer sun, freezing winters, driving winds and acid rain, there can be significant problems conserving the artwork’s original appearance. Problems that Mr. Bass and hundreds of other sculptors across the country are solving with Permalac, the technical coating from Peacock Laboratories in Philadelphia, PA.

Permalac is a glossy, crystal clear, durable lacquer that can be sprayed on steel, aluminum, copper, silver, and bronze as well as steel, terracotta, and concrete. It contains UV and corrosion inhibitors that protect outdoor sculptures and other coated surfaces for a minimum of 10 years. Once applied, Permalac air dries to the touch in less than 5 minutes and dries hard to a highly durable finish in an hour or so, depending on the film thickness, temperature etc.

Mr. Bass is renowned throughout the Midwest for his striking heroic conceptions that anchor and identify many public spaces. His “Homage to Courage” was installed at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island Nebraska several years ago.

“When I heard about PERMALAC I decided to try it. It lasts a lot longer than any other coating I’ve tried. Here in Nebraska, it can blow pretty hard, but I haven’t seen any evidence of coating failure.”

Permalac auto restoration case study image


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