Featured Project This Month

Now don’t get us wrong by the looks of this featured project. Every project we review doesn’t resemble the magnitude of this one, but aren’t these doors simply beautiful? This project is a work of restoration art.

The City of Chicago is preserving the structure of this pretty and important Department of Water Management building located at 2250 West Eastwood in Lincoln Square.

One of the famous quotes of our nation’s third President, Thomas Jefferson are inscribed in bronze above a stunning pair of doors and transoms. Recently restored to their original beauty, this grand representation of all that is glorious in architecture and history, these beauties are not securing a museum, federal building or even a library.

The Water Pumping Station in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood is the proud home of this testament to all that is good in our country and its relationship with the world. On a pumping station.

The company named f 2 Industries of Sycamore, Illinois is an Architectural and Ornamental Metalworks firm that was commissioned to perform the restoration work on the Lincoln Square Water Pumping Station. Lucio of f 2 comments on the project:

“We were charged with the restoration of the two monumental doors and transom at the Jefferson Pumping Station, in Chicago, IL. Each door weighed over 2,000 pounds! All paint covered brass was removed and each of the brass plates, florets, handles, and hinges were polished. They then received three coats of Permalac®. Everything worked perfectly and the project stakeholders couldn’t be happier.”

We’re proud to have been chosen as the preferred coating. We’re also proud to see f2 Industries participating in our contest!

Above is another view of the front façade of this elegant public building. One would think that a building façade such as this might lend itself to a manor house, a library, government court building, or possibly a town hall of some minor metropolis. It’s a pumping station in the Roger’s Park neighborhood of Chicago, moving filtered water from Lake Michigan and pressurizing it to make its way to faucets in residences and businesses in the local area.

But appearances are deceiving: This building is no relic of the past. Though now nearly 90 years old, the pumping station remains a real workhouse for the Department of Water Management and is vital to Chicagoans’ quality of life.

In fact, the pumping station, 2250 W. Eastwood Ave., plays such an important role in delivering water to homes across the North Side, the city spent $4 million on a 10,000-square-foot addition to the building in 2010 and, according to information shared by Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th), is undertaking further capital improvements this year to shore up the structure.

Designed by Argyle Robinson, who was the city’s official architect between 1926 and 1929, the pumping station became operational in August 1928 and immediately made an impression on residents for all the wrong reasons.

One can tell the amazing relief of this grand station, obviously ornately detailed for such an “average” purpose as a water pumping station.

Build in 1928, the pumping station made an impact of the worst kind to local residents, as water is pumped to homes and businesses was labeled as “unfit to drink or bathe.” Apparently, something was amiss at the onset, which was quickly resolved, and is still in operation today.

As regular users and readers of our blog know, Permalac is the chosen favorite of sculptors, preservation and restoration specialists, and even governments for their projects. As taken from our website:

On bare surfaces, Permalac behaves as both a sealer (in case you decide to paint over it), or as a top coat protecting it from UV, salt air, and other environmental corrosives. On metals, Permalac is also flexible. This means that Permalac stays with the metal and does not separate when the metal is bent.

It’s no wonder why Permalac is selected for so many projects here in the US and internationally because of its ease of use, protective properties and quick drying time. No other product on the market provides the flexibility and durability, with to the touch drying time of less than an hour.

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