From Our Community: Mold Protection – A Permalac Case Study

We love to hear from the many users of our products! Some share their passion with restoration projects, others tell us about how they are using Permalac to protect the investment being made in large, commercial projects. The stories we receive are varied and always interesting.

Triple C Electric Company of League City Texas had a problem. Until 3 years ago there was a persistent chance that molds could develop and grow on the circuit breakers boxes the company builds and installs. This was especially a problem in southern climates with high humidity.

Michael Carlton, the company president said he then discovered Permalac, an outdoor clearcoat lacquer manufactured by Peacock Labs in Philadelphia, PA.

“The product was infallible. Permalac not only acts as a fungicide that resists mold, it positively repels it. Mold simply can’t and won’t grow on it.”

As a result Triple C now treats all circuit breakers before they are installed in a panel or enclosure with two coats of Permalac. Customers ordering circuit breaker boxes from 20 amps up to 1200 amps and 120 volts to 600 volts can count on Permalac Fungicide protection.

Permalac was designed to protect metal, wood, and cement/ceramic substrates from UV, salt spray, wind-borne abrasives and extremes of temperature. Users can expect 6 to 10 years of service before recoating is indicated.

Triple C has been in the business of assembling custom circuit breaker boxes to customer specs for 25 years. They sell equipment across North America and the company is highly regarded in the industry and regularly awarded valuable contracts from the U.S. Dept. of Defense and other government agencies.

Triple C sells has the largest physical inventory of new circuit breaker product in Texas. They work with residential plugins, commercial molded case, miniature din mounts and even giant industrial power breakers. Triple C maintains the inventory to be responsive to customer needs quickly. Circuit protection ranges from 1 amp to 4000 amps is there for the ordering.

Triple C is also an authorized distributor of Multilin industrial relays and digital power meters. This includes advanced Multilin thermal models for optimized protection of small, medium, large, and extra-large motors, as well as secure high-speed protection for transformers. This gives customers flexible protection and control for distribution of feeder application, simplified setup configuration, uncompromising security and advanced diagnostics.

Triple C has the expertise and acumen to deliver turnkey brand specific project packages at extremely competitive pricing. And they use Permalac to ensure their breakers last and last.

Permalac auto restoration case study image
Permalac auto restoration case study image
Permalac auto restoration case study image


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