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Peacock Laboratories, Inc.
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Peacock Laboratories of Philadelphia is a manufacturer of unique paints and coatings for a wide-ranging number of specialty applications.


The founder, William Peacock, was the first man to develop an effective method for spraying a silver solution onto glass thereby creating the modern mirror (1925). Today that mirroring technology is the basis of several of our most successful products. The first Permalac formulation was developed to permanently fix the sprayed-on silver to the mirror glass.

Permalac Today

Over the years Permalac Clearcoat Lacquer has been developed for a variety of specific applications Today it is successfully used on all kinds of metal, wood, and ceramics. It has the best UV inhibitors of any clearcoat available and has achieved tremendous popularity with sculptors and the professionals who maintain public sculpture.


Permalac does not yellow and dries hard. Saltwater won’t corrode it and it resists scratching from abrasives like wind-borne sand. It is self-leveling so pools and runs don’t develop – if they do, a follow-up light spraying of additional Permalas will level them out. Permalac cures in less than an hour so multiple coats can be applied in a relatively short period of time.


Users including body shop mechanics, wrought iron fence installers, restorers of antique brass report Permalac sprays on easily, but can also be brushed.

Permalac EF

In addition, we now offer Permalac EF with only 170 grams of VOCs per liter. This is well below the legal limit set by most environmental authorities for interior use. That makes Permalac EF the perfect solution for Building Maintenance professionals. Permalac EF can be used to restore the appearance of all railings, door components and elevator appointments in commercial building lobbies.

EF Applications

Permalac EF stands up well to constant contact with the acids on human hands, but when the time comes to recoat – typically two years – things couldn’t be easier. The current coating can be quickly removed with acetone, Next, the metal substrate can then be cleaned and polished, making the surface ready for the first spraying of Permalac EF. A second coating can be sprayed on within 45 minutes; likewise a third following that. This means a crew can arrive in the evening after employees have left, and completely restore all metal surfaces with Permalac EF. By the time the employees return for work the next day all surfaces will be dry, odor free and ready for service.


The President of Peacock Laboratories, Sagar Venkateswaran, holds a Ph.D. in Physics (1992, University of Hawaii) and has been a President of Peacock Laboratories, Inc since 1996. He has successfully commercialized proprietary wet deposition technology of silver and copper on transparent and opaque surfaces. He has collaborated with researchers in both academia and industry (both in the US and internationally) in several groundbreaking efforts including chrome replacement technology, micro-contact printing, solar reflectors on iron-free glass, and coating pinhole free silver conductive films on large acrylic surfaces.


Peacock Laboratories, Inc.
1901 S. 54th St.
Phialdelphia, PA 19142