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Permalac Original(DTS - Direct to Substrate finishes)

PERMALAC, unlike most other clear coatings can be applied to most surfaces directly without the use of a primer. That is why we call it a Direct to Substrate (DTS) coating.You can apply Permalac to most metal, wood, or stone surfaces whether the surfaces are bare or painted on. On bare surfaces, Permalac behaves as both a sealer (in case you decide to paint over it), or as a top coat protecting it from UV, salt air and other environmental corrosives. On metals, Permalac is also flexible. This means that Permalac stays with the metal and does not separate when the metal is bent. This is an important property for automotive and sheet metal applications. Permalac is a fast dry lacquer, formulated to provide tough, durable outdoor protection on any metal, wood, masonry or stone substrate. Permalac’s state-of-the-art UV and corrosion inhibitors as well as wide ranging temperature stabilizers assures endurance in harshest conditions ranging from arctic freezing, to desert heat, to beachfront salt air to acid rain. Permalac also provides absolute protection for circuit breakers and other electrical components from molds and mildew. They simply won’t form on any surface that’s been coated with Permalac. As a result short-circuiting and other disruptive difficulties can be avoided.
In comparison testing on steel surfaces, PERMALAC outperformed all well-known exterior lacquers. A brass fitting protected by PERMALAC subjected to a blowtorch for 10 seconds will not discolor. Once PERMALAC protection has been applied, users can count on six to ten years of service or more before re-coating is required.

Permalac can be sprayed or brushed on. It air dries to the touch in less than 5 minutes and dries hard to a virtually indestructible finish in less than an hour. When retreatment is indicated, Permalac can be easily and completely removed by wiping the surface down with acetone. Permalac is available in either matte or satin finishes. You can order it in 12 oz spray cans, quarts, gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums. You can also find listed here "Metal Polishing Gel" for polishing copper, brass, bronze, aluminum and other metals.

Permalac EF and Permalac NT

Like the Original formula, Permalac EF is also a DTS coating. Permalac EF has only 170 grams of VOC/liter which is less than the 250 g/l mandated by California law. In laboratory and field testing, Permalac EF performs just as well as standard Permalac, without the strong odor! Permalac EF complies with most government regulations for interior use lacquer products. This makes it the ideal treatment for inside window and door frames and the decorative metal in commercial building lobbies and elevators. Permalac EF is available in either matte or satin finishes. You can order it in 12 oz spray cans, quarts, gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums.

With under 70 g/l, Permalac NT is the next level of low VOC performance. This coating exibits exelent durability combined with low order. Permalac NT provides excellent performance on steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Permalac NT is suitable for indoor and outdoor application and will pass LEED certification specs. Call for SDS sheets.

Permalac NT is available in either matte, satin, or semi-gloss finishes. You can order it in 12 oz spray cans, quarts, gallons, 5 gallons and 55 gallon drums.

Permalac Colors

Permalac and Permalac EF are available in black, white, red and copper. Our colors offer total opacity for full substrate cover with a single coating. However the underlining texture, whether on wood, metal, or stone, is still revealed. This gives users a modern, clean look without sacrificing the natural appearance of the base material. The finish created with Permalac Colors cannot be achieved with conventional paints. If you are looking for Premium finishes without the plasticky look, Permalac is your only choice!.

Permalac Tints

Permalac, Permalac EF, and Permalac 2K can also be tinted with our line of translucent tints. These tints come in five colors: gold, red, black, violet, and blue. These tints are color fast and will not fade and can be mixed to make a custom patina. Available in 4 oz concentrates- dilute and use according to need. The PVC fitting in the photo was coated with PChrome that was tinted with the red tint added at 15 parts to 100 parts Permalac 2K.

Permalac Thinners

Permalac and Permalac EF are both available in ready-to-use spray cans, or they can be brushed on directly out of the can. However users who want to use a spray application of either Permalac or Permalac EF are advised to acquire Peacock Labs #281 Thinner for normal weather conditions, Peacock Labs #69 thinner for hot and humid conditions and Peacock Labs #500 Thinner for extreme conditions.

***New #770 Zero VOC & low Odor Thinner recommended for Permalac EF,and also for indoor use with regular Permalac. The #281, #770 and #69 thinners should be mixed 1 part thinner to 4 parts Permalac, while at the most 10% of #500 is recommended. The reasons for thinner use are twofold. 1. Atomized Permalac can partially dry before it reaches the substrate. This can result in a "cobweb" appearance. 2. Fast drying Permalac can cool the substrate generating condensate to form under the coating. This can lead to an undesirable cloudy appearance.

Peacock Labs Thinners are available in Quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails, and 55 Gallon drums. If you need a certain size and it is not available for online purchase, contact us.

Permalac 2K

This is a high gloss, two part product designed for severe duty applications such as fountain art which is ceaselessly pounded by water jets. Note that Permalac 2K can be tinted with our tinting additives and that it is a coating component of Peacock Laboratories PChrome spray chrome system.Peacock Labs Permalac 2K is available in Quarts, and Gallons. If you need a certain size and it is not available for online purchase, contact us.