About Peacock Labs

When PhD chemist William Peacock founded Peacock Laboratories in the early 1920’s the product line focused on the development of new products for manufacturing and silvering mirrors. At that time mirrors were still individually hand made by skilled craftsmen. So they were both expensive and highly prized. The silver spraying technology developed by Peacock automated mirror manufacture so thousands could be made in a day and suddenly they became very inexpensive and universally available. In fact Peacock’s mirroring techniques enabled cosmetics manufacturers to produce cheap compressed powder compacts for women which not only revolutionized the industry, it created the flapper.

Today, Peacock’s commitment to discovering new uses and applications for silvering and other metalizing processes, as well as improving already established mirroring techniques is sought out by industry, fashion and high tech research science throughout the country as well as around the world.

PERMALAC, for example, evolved from research into the creation of a spray lacquer that would stabilize the silvering on the back of glass mirrors. Today this, extremely hard, self-leveling, fast-curing clear-coat lacquer is creating interest and excitement in a variety of industries due to its exceptional performance and wide number of uses. Once applied, Permalac completely protects metal, wood, cement substrates from the ravages of UV, salt spray, wind borne sand and extremes of weather. At the same time it is sought out by artists because it doesn’t alter patinas or surface treatments in any way. Sculpture coated with Permalac will continue to look exactly the same way it did when the artist first finished it.

Permalac has so many uses, people won’t want to be caught without it. In fact we anticipate there will soon be a can of Permalac in every automobile trunk and another on every cellar or garage work bench.


Another exciting Peacock product line uses the silvering technologies developed by Peacock Labs to create a high shine, durable, chrome like finish with a spray gun. This means auto body shops and restorers can completely avoid the costly and hazardous acid baths required by traditional chrome plating.