Long-term appearance protected by Permalac.

Unprotected metal surfaces take a beating if left unprotected outdoors. In colder climate zones, passing vehicles can splash salt slush onto the special patina sidings of buildings across the sidewalk and quickly corrode them. Airborne industrial chemicals are also known to pit all kinds of specialty finishes. Ultra violet light from the sun ultimately corrupts the integrity of any substrate and most finishes are not up to dealing with this constant assault.
Permalac outdoor clearcoat lacquer, on the other hand, can take on outdoor challenges to stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, brass, copper, nickel, aluminum, and zinc like no other protective lacquer available. The UV inhibitors, salt spray resistance, abrasion toughness and ability to withstand the harshest weather conditions are superior to every other competitive product on the market today.
The challenges of that face Permalac in Indoor applications may be as great as those faced outdoors. But they are different. For example, in commercial building lobbies Permalac is often used to protect surfaces that come in constant contact with human hands. Elevator railings and doors. Revolving entry doors, railings on ramps, staircases and many other fixtures have to handle the abrasiveness and acid content that are unavoidable when human touch is involved.
Other lacquers and finishes just don't hold up. Or don't hold up very long. Permalac has consistently demonstrated an ability to last 18 months between refinishings. And the part Building Maintenance professionals like the best: how easy it is to remove the old finish from interior surfaces and retreat them with Permalac. A simple acetone wipe down will take all surfaces down to bare metal or wood . Once the substrate is polished and cleaned. the first coat of new Permalac can be applied. Since Permalac cures to the touch in 30 to 60 minutes, it is soon ready for second or even third coats if so desired. This means the whole lobby can be treated overnight and is totally ready for employee traffic by starting time the next day.
If there are environmental concerns we recommend Permalac EF. This provides all the UV and abrasion resistance provided by Permalac but contains only 170 grams of VOCs per liter. This will comply with all current state and local regulations in the United States.

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