This New Jersey monument was commissioned to honor one of the rescue chiefs at ground zero and is dedicated to the memory of 9/11. The statue is four feet tall and sits on top of a exterior fountain structure. The substrate is solid concrete with an interior water tube that jets water from the fire hose when the fountain is in operation. After being cast in a two-piece mold, the sculpture was coated with a metal composite containing 95% granulated Bronze and 5% polymer resin binder. A statuary patina highlighting the dominant features was then added to give the monument the aged look that naturally occurs with bronze statues over the years. The final step was assuring the protection of the finish with a coating of Permanlac.

This pot is 18" high and 18" in diameter. It is cast in concrete in a two-piece mold. The copper and bronze finishes are applied to give the piece its antique patina and highlighting. To protect the container's delicate finish from the elements, it is coated with Permalac.

Architectural Coatings

PERMALAC has proven a breakthrough solution for a variety of architectural coatings. It has enabled designers, architects and interior decorators to experiment with patinas and other special finishes and stabilize them as never before.

Recently, a well-known movie star wanted all the exterior metal components in her New York City condominium finished with a special nickel silver metal. The custom compound was prepared by PermanOre Architectural Finishes, Inc. of Milford, NJ. It mixed a granular powder with a polymer resin binder. Once sprayed and cured, the compound could be sanded and polished and given the oxide appearance of her specifications. To set it and maintain this "look" against the elements, the contractor sprayed all exposed parts with PERMALAC.

PERMALAC can also be used on a number of other substrates from terra cotta to signs made of polyurethane foam. One interior decorator created a theatrical proscenium curtain in cloth, sprayed in with a copper powder mixed with resin and to maintain the appearance of the now solid drapery, finished it with a coating of PERMALAC. Order now on our secure ordering page.