Take-care-of-business type people like to be ready to fix or repair whatever problem comes up. Goes without saying, they keep a full set of tools and a wide variety of useful products in the work bench area of their garage or basement at all times. There is nothing more gratifying than doing a repair without going to the hardware store first. Being ready for the come-what-may is a basic life principal. These people always have a can of Permalac within arms reach.

• So handy.
• So easy to use.
• So many applications.

  > The only way to put hoes, rakes, shovels, etc. away when
  the garden season is over

  > A quick way to refinish wood/metal, indoor/outdoor furniture.

  > Looks great, stands the test of time.

  > Protects appliances, especially washers and dryers from rust.

  > Spray on exposed plumbing pipes to maintain copper looks.

  > And a million others.


The emergency prepared automobile trunk – What’s in it: Jumper cables, full size spare tire, jack for flats, tire pressure guage, first aid kit, GPS, battery powered hand vac and flash light … and Permalac. No well appointed car trunk is without a can. When minor fender benders or other little scratches and dents happen, and they do happen -- to everybody. But maybe you don’t have time or money for the body shop right now. Okay. No Problem. You’ll be protected if you have a can of Permalac in the trunk. Just spray it on the damaged area and it will be fine – totally rust free -- until you do have the time and money. Don’t get caught without it. Rust is the quickest road to the junk yard. Which makes Permalac the cheapest insurance policy you’ll find anywhere.