Permalac Has Gone Bananas-Sort Of…

We’re not one to criticize art in any of its mediums.  There is always someone trying to express themselves to stand out from the crowd, communicate the “Hey, It’s Me” attitude in their work.  It seems that Permalac has gone bananas, well, sort of.  The image below are photographs of the art of David Kennedy Cutler, from an exhibit at the Derek Eller Gallery in New York.

We’re not saying we’re not proud of his choice of Permalac, we’re flattered.  People across the globe use our products for a variety of applications; historical landmarks, ceremonial pieces, signage, even indoor and outdoor plaques, signage, sculptures and who knows what else.  It’s just not our primary focus, but we’re happy to provide the best protection money can buy.

Oh, the bananas-sort of? Yep, that’s Mr. Kennedy Cutler’s interpretation called Yellow Plaid Bananas.

Staying with the art theme for this month, we did some digging and discovered another artist that has chosen a different medium; jewelry.  Pictured below is a beautiful pair of earrings protected by Permalac.

There’s no end to what our fans come up with to protect.  We’re appreciative.

Going Commercial

As an extension of their theme, Tweetie Industries, famous for bird houses and such, are offering a rather well-made, handsome looking Kinetic Dual Spinner.  Made of thick copper for a stem, and balanced Willow Leaves, it’s a sure pleaser.  As it will be used outdoors as a lawn ornament, Permalac protection is used to ensure the patina remains, the damp soil doesn’t inhibit the finish of the pole, keeping its look for years to come.  Thank you Tweetie!

Although our primary focus is on larger, restoration projects such as the Mohammed Ali mosque staircase we featured a while back, Permalac has many, many uses, and our loyal customers continue to amaze us with their creativity.

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Permalac and Copper Gutters

Ed Monk is a contractor and Permalac user from Long Island, NY. One of his companie’s specialties is the installation of Copper Gutters. Many of Ed’s clients have been interested in keeping their copper bright. Five years ago Ed discovered Permalac. Now when a customer asks for long lasting bright copper, Ed can give it to them. Watch the video for Ed’s story.

If you’re in the business of installing exterior copper, Permalac gives you another service to offer your clients.  If your considering installing exterior copper, talk to your contractor about Permalac.

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Ten Years of Maine Winters

We just received these picture from Robert A. in Maine. Ten years ago Robert coated the copper copula on the roof of his barn with Permalac. Though the copper was still bright, he thought it was time to add a few more coats for peace of mind. Robert was relieved to find that he wouldn’t have to strip the old coating, a light cleaning with acetone to remove foreign material and he was ready to reapply. Good luck and we’ll talk to you again in 10 years Robert.