Permalac EF FloorCoat

Peacock Labs has developed a new high solids, low VOC, lacquer specifically for protecting and sealing floors. Permalac EF FloorCoat can be used on a variety of floor types, from hardwood, to concrete. It’s water clear, non yellowing, and resistant to ultraviolet. The coating is durable enough to take fork-lift traffic (watch the video below) and has a fast and easy application.
Permalac EF FloorCoat can be applied with a T-Bar or fleece applicator. It can be applied over oil based stain. Three coats will bring the finish to a semi gloss and give a total coating thickness of 5 mil. Allow one hour between the first coat and the second coat, and two hours between the second coat and third coat. The third coat of Permalac EF FloorCoat will be ready for light use within two hours. It will be ready for normal use after 24 hours.
For more information call Peacock Labs at 215 729 4400
Permalac EF FloorCoat on concrete

Permalac EF FloorCoat on oak

An Outdoor Kitchen, With the Help of Permalac

Our friends at Field Evaluation Services sent us these pictures of a beautiful outdoor kitchen. The pagoda beams have been sealed with Permalac. They write,
Yes they have three coats and we used a brush, and after the final coat we did a light sanding just to smooth out the wood grain. You can include the photos I sent in your blog, If we can be of any other help just let us know. 
Thank You