Permalac Amplified (Literally)

Permalac was recently used in a Unidyne microphone restoration. The vintage pieces were the ribbed castings with Permalac Indigo finish. Every other part of the microphones were brand-new, including the innermost capsule element. If you’re a microphone enthusiast looking for a protectant against acid spit ruining chrome plating, give Permalac a try!


Permalac Seals the Deal, and That’s No Bull (or Bear)







Markets up, markets down; bear to bull, bull to bear.  Bronze effigies of these two majestic creatures have been used to represent the ever-changing balancing act of the stock market for hundreds of years.

Mention the stock market soaring, and an image of the bull comes to mind.  Markets down conjure up the bear in your mind’s eye.  Bronze likenesses of the bear and the bull are ubiquitous for anyone the least interested in the daily financial markets in New York, Chicago and St. Louis.

St. Louis you say?  While there is no stock exchange, the folks at Stifel Financial Corp. felt it necessary to commission one of America’s greatest giant sculpture masters, Mr. Harry Weber.

According to a blog article in the Wall Street Journal:

While St. Louis might not have famous pizza or an actual stock exchange, it does have barbecue and soon will have its own Wall Street bull. It’s even one-upping Wall Street by adding a measured force: a bear……..

The St. Louis based investment bank is in the process of closing a deal to acquire KBW Inc., a Manhattan-based investment bank to the banks and one of the firms most associated with the World Trade Center.

Stifel CEO Ronald Kruszewski says the growth in his city and his bank echo each other, but both stories remain underplayed because of New York’s dominance in banking. Stifel’s gone from 1,200 employees to 5,500.

“We have been growing like a weed,” Kruszewski says.

“I think if you would say the city is the second to New York, the idea to put some art on the ground … is appropriate,” Kruszewski said. “It isn’t like putting a bull and bear in an oil town.”

Why Permalac

I had a chance to speak with Harry Weber by telephone in preparation for the writing of this article, and quickly understood why he receives the huge amount of respect and recognition he deserves.  When I asked him about some of his projects, we spoke at some length of the Louis and Clark monument in the Mississippi River (yes, sometimes completely underwater), known as The Captain’s Return.  The placement of the monument commemorates the 200th anniversary of the return from Louis and Clark’s 2-year exploration of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.

“We use Permalac as a finish coat to protect our monuments from the ravages of weather and conditions particular to the site,” said Mr. Weber.  “In the case of The Captain’s Return, because the site is nearly exactly the spot where they landed, occasionally the sculpture gets completely submerged underwater.  Most of the time a portion of the piece is submerged constantly, so it is imperative it be protected from the harsh realities of nature. Permalac not only protects it better than other lacquers, it won’t discolor the patina of the piece,” he added.

“As for the commissioning of the Stifel piece, it took numerous sketches and drawings to come up with the right image. On Wall Street, the Bull signifies the upward mobility of the market. There is no bear.   In this case, the balance of the markets is in constant contest, with upswings and downturns.  Rather than a decisive winner of battle to decide a victor, the bear and the bull needed to reflect that constant struggle of the winners and losers in the marketplace.”

I also learned that over the course of his career, Mr. Weber has crafted more than 100 large sculptures, and an innumerable amount of smaller works. Although not all of his works possess the signature lacquer’s protection,  Perlamac is a big part of his finishing touch.

In this 20-minute video, Harry Weber chronicles the entire project. As you might imagine, the design and construction process of a 9000-pound sculpture is amazing to watch. The video is quite illustrative and informative (The Bull & Bear:

The originally published WSJ article:

Image Credit: Stifel Financial Corp.

Captain’s Return by Harry Weber and the use of Permalac

Permalac Has Gone Bananas-Sort Of…

We’re not one to criticize art in any of its mediums.  There is always someone trying to express themselves to stand out from the crowd, communicate the “Hey, It’s Me” attitude in their work.  It seems that Permalac has gone bananas, well, sort of.  The image below are photographs of the art of David Kennedy Cutler, from an exhibit at the Derek Eller Gallery in New York.

We’re not saying we’re not proud of his choice of Permalac, we’re flattered.  People across the globe use our products for a variety of applications; historical landmarks, ceremonial pieces, signage, even indoor and outdoor plaques, signage, sculptures and who knows what else.  It’s just not our primary focus, but we’re happy to provide the best protection money can buy.

Oh, the bananas-sort of? Yep, that’s Mr. Kennedy Cutler’s interpretation called Yellow Plaid Bananas.

Staying with the art theme for this month, we did some digging and discovered another artist that has chosen a different medium; jewelry.  Pictured below is a beautiful pair of earrings protected by Permalac.

There’s no end to what our fans come up with to protect.  We’re appreciative.

Going Commercial

As an extension of their theme, Tweetie Industries, famous for bird houses and such, are offering a rather well-made, handsome looking Kinetic Dual Spinner.  Made of thick copper for a stem, and balanced Willow Leaves, it’s a sure pleaser.  As it will be used outdoors as a lawn ornament, Permalac protection is used to ensure the patina remains, the damp soil doesn’t inhibit the finish of the pole, keeping its look for years to come.  Thank you Tweetie!

Although our primary focus is on larger, restoration projects such as the Mohammed Ali mosque staircase we featured a while back, Permalac has many, many uses, and our loyal customers continue to amaze us with their creativity.

To find out more about Permalac and other products, feel free to visit our website at

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