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September Contest Winner: Fireplace Bellows

Pat writes to us: labella-entry-3I purchased this Johnny Beard bellows and then did a Pen Work design on it. This is accomplished by drawing the design and then filling in the negative areas with ink applied with a Rapidograph pen. Since this was to be hung by a fireplace or wood stove it needed to be protected from the heat. I applied Permalac as the final coating. It has held up and I have since used Permalac on many of my projects.

American Coatings Show

Wanted to let everyone know that I will be at the coatings show in Atlanta this Monday and Tuesday. Monday evening I’ll be giving a poster presentation on our new product, Permalac NT.

Permalac NT is a new acrylic lacquer that we recently developed. It has extremely low VOC, under 20 g/l and contains no toluene. We sent it out for independent testing and found that it’s performance was comparable to standard Permalac.

Permalac NT has the same user friendly application, clarity, and reversibility that Permalac users have come to expect.

Here is our Permalac NT Poster.

For more information about NT including test results and availability  shoot an email to

Metal Polishing Gel

Description: Metal Polishing Gel is a low acidity polish for copper, brass, bronze and aluminum. It contains no alcohol, no petroleum distillates, no ammonia, and no phosphates.
Instructions: Apply Metal Polish Gel with a clean cotton cloth to tarnished copper, brass, bronze, or aluminum and polish. Once a you have the degree of shine you want, you may wish to coat the piece in Permalac, thereby maintaining your shine without repeated polishing.